The Villas

Welcome to Villa Borobudur, opened in 2012, is set in a private estate offering luxury villa-hotels with breathtaking views of the Borobudur, its surroundings and the volcanoes Merapi, Merbabu and Sumbing. Experience the traditional Javanese friendliness, spirituality and hospitality in one of the villas, each with their own large pool. Enjoy the variety of Javanese cuisine in a wonderful setting. The villas are built according to traditional Javanese architecture, with sustainability in mind. Teakwooden handcarved joglos, temple-stone flooring, handmade tiles, furniture and art are all sourced locally. Visit us to experience the beauty of Javanese culture and the impressive natural and tropical setting.


Villa Borobudur, Villa Diponegoro and Villa Merapi are located on the slopes of the Menoreh Mountains just 2,5 km from Borobudur. Here life is still as it has been for centuries and one can truly experience the Central Javanese culture, the craddle of Javanese culture. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Borobudur, Mount Sumbing the valley with rice fields, villages, rivers and the majestic volcanoes: Merapi and Merbabu. This is the spiritual heart of Java, with lively cities, like Yogyakarta and Solo and beautiful National Parks within easy reach. It offers a unique setting to relax, to visit the interesting sites in Central Java and Yogyakarta and to actively explore by hiking, biking or rafting. 


To experience Java, its beauty and its "magic" we would like to welcome you in one of the villas . We offer a unique concept inspired by the Javanese culture and local traditions. In line with the Javanese traditional hospitality, when staying with us all your meals, snacks and non alcoholic beverages are included in the rates. Our Javanese chef prepares your meals with your preferences in mind. The villas are staffed 24 hours per day. During your stay you can enjoy all the amenities of the villa and a variety of activities and tours. On the reservations page you can explore the rates and several interesting packages. Low season special rates are now available. Looking forward welcoming you!