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Due to the peaceful fusion of several religions and cultures, Central Java is a huge source of inspiration for artists and art lovers. The tolerance and co- existence of several belief systems such as the Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are unique in the world.

As Villa Borobudur is in the neighborhood of some small villages the regular calls for prayer will contribute to the sense of spirituality and mysticism. The unique mix of religions left its marks on Javanese culture and traditions still found in the daily life of the people of Central Java. They are well known for their friendliness, open-mindedness and hospitability, which you can experience and enjoy in the services provided by Villa Borobudur or when visiting the neighboring villages, local markets or artists during your stay.

All Villa Borobudur villas are located on the slopes of the Menoreh Mountains just 2, 5 km from Borobudur. Here, life is still as it has been for centuries and one can truly experience the Central Javanese culture, the cradle of Javanese culture. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Borobudur, Mount Sumbing the valley with rice fields, villages, beautiful mountains, rivers and the majestic volcanoes: Merapi and Merbabu. This is the spiritual heart of Java, with buzzing cities, like Yogyakarta, Yakarta and Solo and beautiful National Parks within easy reach. It offers a unique setting to relax, to visit the interesting sites in Central Java and Yogyakarta and to actively explore by hiking, biking or rafting. Travelling through this country will make you leave richer than when you first arrived.

The area is also very well known for the Borobudur, a 9th century Buddhist temple and an UNESCO world heritage site.

It is our belief that the success of Villa Borobudur is mostly thanks to how passionate we are about creating an Authentic Javanese experience for our guests.  All design, construction and building has been done with the people from the neighboring villages, thus creating an economic impulse to the area through employment opportunities. Also for example staff, service, housekeeping, kitchen, security and more are all recruited in the direct area of the hotel. Furthermore we set up the Menoreh Foundation of which funds are invested in the communities to improve the local facilities for health, hygiene and education.

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