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Our Concept

We discovered Java in 2009 and started Villa Borobudur in 2010. We decided to build the villas in the ‘jungle’ of the slopes of the Menoreh mountains, overlooking Borobudur Temple, and the volcanoes that surround this lively and fertile valley. We try to achieve a balance with Javanese culture, its diverse religious expressions, nature and the local communities.

“It is not difficult to understand why people become entranced by Java. The landscape is breathtaking -shimmering paddy fields, terraced hillsides, luminous green plains carved by rivers and studded with volcanoes. The people are, as Francis Drake wrote after sailing there in 1580 “sociable, full of vivacity and beyond description happy.” The culture is the product of centuries of cross – fertilization – Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic influences mixed with elements of animism, ancestor worship and Javanese legend. The past lives on in the patterns of textiles, in the performing arts, in thousand-year-old temples.”

* Extracted from the book of Jenny Scott – A Singular Women This describes very well how we experience Central Java ourselves. You do not just visit Java, you experience Java. You do not only enjoy the extraordinary scenery, relaxation and food, you actually experience the Javanese Magic in all its manifestations.

As we do think too many people know Indonesia through Bali alone and we are proud to have created a villa-hotel with an entirely different concept: introducing our guests to experience authentic Java: the culture, hospitality, the rich variety in local cuisine, the beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna and the heritage so well described above. Above all we are enchanted by the amazing beauty of the area we are in. Java is one of the most densely populated islands in the world, yet Villa Borobudur is in the jungle and has the most incredible views.

Our concept of sustainability

The development of the villas at Villa Borobudur is guided by three principles:

First to support, maintain and promote the rich culture of Java.

Second is the support of the local communities. All design, construction and building has been done with the people from the neighboring villages, thus creating an economic impulse to the area through employment opportunities. All our employees are recruited in the surrounding communities in an effort to stimulate local development. As such the continuation of Java’s traditional rich culture is ensured.

Third is the preservation of the natural environment. Some examples of our objective to preserve naturae are: on the extensive grounds of the estate we only cultivated those parts of the gardens which are in the direct area of the villas. During the construction process, we have been planting over 15.000 new trees, plants, bushes and flowers. More and more of the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are “home-grown” and we even have our own fishpond.

Furthermore we set up the Menoreh Foundation through which funds are invested in the communities to improve the local facilities for health, hygiene and education.


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